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Bill to expand Michigan's low-income tax credit introduced

A bill to expand the Michigan earned income tax credit has been introduced in the Legislature. The bill would ensure the tax break for lower income workers can take effect in this tax year. Democratic Senator Kristen McDonald Rivet is the bill sponsor. She says the E-I-T-C has wide support. Both Democrats and Republicans voted for a bill this year to expand the state credit to 30 percent of the federal credit. But she says the E-I-T-C became entangled in a partisan fight over sending taxpayers 180-dollar rebate checks versus allowing the state income tax rate to drop.

Rivet had this to say,  “And what that will result in is the tax relief for working families will not get cash in people’s pockets until this time next year or even potentially next summer.”

McDonald Rivet says her bill would separate those other controversies from the E-I-T-C. She says a bill could be sent to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s desk by early April.