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Michigan Capitol Commission discusses firearm ban

A gun display case at Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, Texas.
Miguel Gutierrez Jr.
A gun display case at Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, Texas.

The Michigan Capitol Commission is coming up with a plan to ban guns from the state Capitol Monday, February 27.

Some ideas floated include using x-ray machines or other systems that can detect several types of weapons to screen guests at the capitol.

Capitol Commission executive director Robert Blackshaw will be developing the action plan. He compares possible security measures to those at a courthouse or sports event.

“Over the next couple of months, we will have more of a definite plan ... We are upping our security to help reduce the risk so there will be a small inconvenience," Blackshaw said. "Hopefully it’s not that big of an inconvenience.”

Commission chair Bill Kandler says there are several logistics to figure out.

"Problem is you can’t snap your fingers and make it happen," Kandler said. "All these things have to be put into place. You have to find out which technology works best, you have to get it implemented. We have to have the funds in order to buy whatever we decide to get we have to have more funds for the state police for more personnel and again that’s another decision depending on which kind of system we set up."

The gun ban is reliant on lawmakers providing money for implementation.

In the meantime, the commission is limiting after-hours card swipe access to only the Capitol’s main entrance. Open carry of firearms is currently prohibited at the capitol, but licensed concealed carry is still allowed.