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Michigan minimum wage increase set for January 1


Michigan’s minimum wage is set to become just over $10 an hour on January 1 as part of an annual increase.

That’s as a lawsuit over another raise slated for February moves through the appeals process. It would increase minimum pay to just over $13 per hour and a little under $12 per hour for tipped workers.

Dave Woodward is senior advisor to the “One Fair Wage” campaign. That's the group behind the increase to $13.

"Probably now more than ever, given the stubborn inflation that’s in place, those dollars really matter," he said.

The February raise comes from a 20-18 ballot measure. The state Legislature passed it into law before it went before voters, and then later weakened it. That process was later ruled unconstitutional.

Earlier this year, a court restored the law to its original form but delayed the effective date until February.

Critics worry the sudden increase would harm businesses.

Colin Jackson is a reporter for the Michigan Public Radio Network.