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Elections bureau: Drop off absentee ballots

Tiffany Tertipes

More than a million absentee ballots have been dropped off by voters with local clerks. Preparing to count those votes is just one of the challenges facing local officials heading into election day next Tuesday.

It’s a lot of work setting up for elections, said Jake Rollow. He’s the elections bureau spokesman. He said the level of election disinformation and efforts to cast doubt on the results was a tough lesson learned in 2020.

“That has not ceased since the 2020 election," Rollow said.

The elections bureau is trying to get in front of that challenge by explaining the process for tallying votes – and getting the word out on what’s allowed and not allowed at polling places and absentee ballot counting locations, he said. That also includes being ready for any efforts to disrupt the elections, including the ballot counting.