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Michigan Department of Natural Resources gets a pay raise for seasonal workers


The State announced today they’re raising the pay for some seasonal workers to 15 dollars an hour.

The Department of Natural Resources says they still need to fill four-hundred seasonal positions. The pay was originally 10 to 12 dollars an hour.

Ron Olson is the Chief of Parks and Recreation. He says the pay raise to $15 will allow them to compete with other business’ base pay.

“We know a lot of businesses and restaurants that scattered around the state, particularly in areas with a lot of tourism, that a lot of folks have had to deal with pay adjustments and things like that," Olson said. "But we're not certain that that will be the automatic trick. But we believe it'll definitely help.”

Olson says nine-hundred seasonal positions have already been filled and will also be getting the raise. The raise takes effect May 29th.

“We're getting... obviously Memorial day is around the corner," Olson said. "And we need to do something to try to, to jumpstart and try to get, hopefully more people to apply and want to work. And the other piece is to make sure that the people that we do hire, stay and sustained through the season. So, we felt that it's necessary to do this.”