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Consumers Energy works to support EV infrastructure

Consumers Energy has joined the National Electric Highway Coalition assisting with the infrastructure buildout supporting electric vehicles.

“Right now, we’ve got the birth of a national coalition.”

Over 50 energy providers are committing to electrifying the roads. Consumers Energy is one of them announcing it’s joined the National Electric Highway Coalition. Brian Wheeler is Media Relations Manager.

“Our major automakers have committed to offering up electric models across the board and we know that as that transition takes place, we have to make sure that we build the network in place.”

Consumers Energy is projecting one million electric vehicles on Michigan’s roadways by 2030. That represents about a quarter to a third of all cars and trucks allowing for the electric infrastructure to mature.

“We’ve put over 30 fast-charging locations and about 200 public charging locations right here in our state. And what we are saying collectively is that we are going to work to put electric charging stations for vehicles all over the country.”

Wheeler explains a strategic national network will provide electric vehicle drivers and owners with peace of mind on longer road trips.