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Michigan House passes emergency order gun bills

Guns for sale at a gun show in Naples, Fla.
Spencer Platt
Getty Images
Guns for sale at a gun show in Naples, Fla.

Michigan House lawmakers today passed bills limiting the governor’s emergency powers. Colin Jackson has more.

Republican Representative Andrew Fink says the governor infringed upon Second Amendment rights when she temporarily restricted gun selling operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. His legislation would prevent that in the future. “The citizen is the most fundamental unit of government in our country and respecting their rights even when it’s difficult for the government is the entire basis of our system,” he says.

Another House-passed bill would keep the governor from pausing gun licensing operations during declared health emergencies. But Democratic Representative Julie Rogers says that’s too restrictive. “We should not ignore guidance from our public health officials, and we should not play politics when lives are at stake,” she says.

Republican State Representative Beau LaFave says he feels that decision and others temporarily closing gun stores backfired. "You do not tell people that they can’t buy guns or should not buy guns if you want to slow down congregation in gun stores. It will just have the opposite result," he says.

Opponents of the legislation say it hamstrings public officials’ ability to respond to future pandemics.

The bill now goes to the governor.