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Coalition renews push to hold committee hearing for driver’s license bills


Supporters of legislation that would let undocumented immigrants receive Michigan ID’s are renewing their push to get those bills a committee hearing.

The bills would require the state to make rules for proving Michigan residency to get a driver’s license when someone can’t show their legal status.

Democratic state Representative Padma Kuppa is a sponsor of the bills. She says bureaucratic issues like processing delays can keep documented immigrants from getting licenses too.

“You know, if people have driver’s licenses, then they can get access to car insurance, which means that they are more likely to stop when they are put in a traffic accident. They are also able to take driving lessons to learn how to be better, to follow traffic laws.”

The bills were slated for a committee hearing last fall that was abruptly postponed. Supporters hope this week’s push will spur its re-scheduling.