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The City of Grand Rapids introduces its new police chief

City Of Grand Rapids
Eric Winstrom, City of Grand Rapids Police Chief

Eric Winstrom introduced to the community.

Eric Winstrom, a commander with the Chicago Police Department has been appointed to lead the City of Grand Rapids Police Department.

City Manager Mark Washington explained it was important to select a progressive leader who is culturally competent and with a high ceiling for moral and ethical leadership.

“But he’s also had experience both in the court being an attorney and prosecuting some very important cases for the Chicago Police Department. He’s an expert in Use of Force and Fourth Amendment.”

That’s protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Winstrom served for more than 20 years with the CPD in various roles including patrol, tactical, investigative, and administrative positions.

He says he’ll focus on addressing racial injustice and says every officer must be a community policing officer.

“Are they spending their time in a way that’s benefiting the City of Grand Rapids, and is the way they’re spending that time embraced by the people of Grand Rapids? So, if you do that whether you’re a beat officer responding to calls or a dedicated community service officer, really it’s the job of all of us to do community policing.”

Winstrom says he’ll implement best practices diversifying the force improving attraction and retention of talent. In the first 30 days he plans to meet with as many people in the community.