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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Introduces Alexa Feature

An operating room in a hospital in Ethiopia.
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An operating room in a hospital in Ethiopia.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital has introduced the first-ever “Alexa” skill developed by a rehab health care organization. So here’s how it works.

“Hey Alexa, open Mary Free Bed.”

With just a few simple words. Everyday people can have clinical guidance from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital at their ready.

“Welcome Back to Mary Free Bed. Would you like to pick up where we last left off?”

The new Alexa skill was designed by Mary Free Bed Physical Therapist Terence Ruben and Director of technology and innovation, Jason Peoples, as a way to remove barriers to healthcare barriers, Peoples explains.

“Really the genesis of this project was focusing on the pain points that people have that are very common that could be treated by simple voice assistance.”

When he tells Alexa he needs an assessment for lower back pain, a series of questions follow.

“Have you had this lower back pain for less than three months?”


“Did you experience a traumatic injury like a hit or fall that has caused your pain?


Based on responses, users will hear ways to manage symptoms, which can include simple exercises to do at home.

The product marks the first Alexa skill developed by a health rehabilitation center, something Ruben says the group is proud to deliver.

“We thought what better way to get to those people, and if this is the future, why not develop more skill set.”