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Gov. Whitmer says Michigan will welcome Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban

Hashoo Foundation USA / Flickr
Afghan Refugees Settlement I-12 in Houston TX, taken September 7 2010

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Friday that the state will welcome Afghans fleeing their homeland country following the collapse of the U.S.-backed government and takeover by the Taliban.

The governor said in a statement that multiple state departments and agencies are making plans to support Afghan families who arrive in Michigan.

It’s not clear yet exactly how the state might assist Afghans who resettle in Michigan. The governor said those plans are beginning while waiting on details from the federal state department on how resettlements will be managed.

A Whitmer spokesman said Afghan immigrants would have to have some connection to the state, such as a family member, to qualify for a special immigrant visa.

The effort is being coordinated by the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. The state's health and human services department also operates a refugee assistance program.

Rick Pluta is the Capitol Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He is heard daily on WCMU's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.