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Senator Gary Peters continues "Listening Tour" in Grand Rapids

Downtown Grand Rapids from the 28th floor by rkramer62 is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

U.S. Senator Gary Peters continued his “Building a Stronger Michigan Listening Tour” in Grand Rapids Wednesday. He met with local government leaders who prioritized their infrastructure needs.

Touring the Michigan Department of Transportation’s West Michigan Operations Center, U.S. Senator Gary Peters met with area leaders including Grand Rapids’ Mayor Rosalyn Bliss who made it clear improving roads and bridges, underground infrastructure like water and sewer lines, public transportation, high-speed broadband and cyber security are critical.

In Washington, the Biden Administration and Democrats are negotiating a $2 trillion federal infrastructure package with Republicans. The Michigan Democrat is hopeful a bipartisan compromise can be reached before August 1st. When asked what’s being negotiated, the Senator wouldn’t say.

“You shouldn’t characterize it as just spending, it’s actually an investment. And you invest in the future and you get a return on that investment. So, I think part of the discussion right now is what is that top line? That’s the big part of the debate. And then we look at how we prioritize?”

If a bipartisan deal can’t be reached, Senator Peters says Democrats will use the reconciliation process advancing the package with a Senate majority vote.