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Dearborn's Arab and Muslim community organizes protests during President Biden's visit

Dearborn's Arab and Muslim community have organized an array of pro-Palestinian protests during President Joe Biden's visit to a vehicle plant today.

Many are angered the United States is blocking efforts at the United Nations Security Council to demand an Israel-Palestine cease-fire.

Imad Hamad is with the American Human Rights Council and is of Palestinian-descent. He says Dearborn residents like him want to remind Biden that the Arab community voted for him.

Hamad says his dream of seeing peace during his lifetime is fading away.

"But I can see it in the eyes and the hearts of my kids and my children. And I see it in the eyes, and the hearts of the young generations who flooded the streets of Dearborn. Thousands of of them"

Protesters in Dearborn marched peacefully Saturday and Sunday.

Biden has visited the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center this afternoon.