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President Joe Biden to visit Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center later this week.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour by Nicole Yeary is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

President Biden travels to Michigan this week where he’s expected to tour a new electric vehicle plant.  

It’s a part of the President’s push for more electric vehicles and cleaner-burning fuel sources in the U.S.

Biden is set to visit Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, where the company will build a new electric-powered pickup truck.  

At a recent event hosted by Axios. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the Biden Administration is committed to promoting greener technology that bears the stamp “Made in America.”  

“On key industries for key products, shouldn’t we be considering making ourselves energy independent and nationally secure, by building those supply chains here at home?”  

In his two trillion-dollar jobs and infrastructure plan, Biden called for big investments in charging stations, research and development and incentives for customers to buy electric vehicles.