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Michigan Attorney General responds to "Witch" comments

State of Michigan

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel says she would like to see the head of the state republican party resign as a University of Michigan regent for derogatory public comments he has made about her and other top women leaders in the state.

Responding to recent comments by state republican party chairman Ron Weiser calling the three top female democratic leaders in the state “witches”.

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel says thinks he should resign from the University of Michigan board of regents.  University regents have already called for Weiser’s resignation but he refused.

The attorney general says we’re getting into a “dangerous space” with public comments she believes could lead to something disastrous for our state and for our country.

“I just have to hope that the party stops trafficking in this type of rhetoric.  Will they? I very much doubt it”

Nessel said it’s fine to have political differences but disagrees with what she called the need to dehumanize and demonize our political opponents.