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Portage mayor excited for her city to host President Joe Biden

"Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016" by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The mayor of Portage says her city is excited about hosting President Joe Biden tomorrow (Friday). Patricia Randall will be among those greeting Biden at Kalamazoo's airport before he tours the nearby Pfizer COVID vaccine production facility. Randall says Biden's visit is a great honor:

"It means that we're a focal point for the country and the world. And, it's all for the right reasons. You sure don't want national acclaim if it's not for anything positive, and I couldn't think of anything that offers more hope to our country than the vaccine production here in Portage, Michigan."

Randall says she hopes to have a few words with Biden. Randell says she'll tell him how important it is for the region to ramp up corona virus vaccinations.