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Mike Shirkey backs down from controversial comments


After saying he would not back down from controversial comments about the January 6th riot at the US Capitol, state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is attempting to back down.

Speaking on WKHM-FM in Jackson this morning (TUE), Shirkey said his earlier comments on a video were misinterpreted.

“President Trump could and should have acted sooner and more forcibly even to call off that attack," said Shirkey. "But he did not cause the attack. That's the narrative I was referring to when I said hoax.”

That is not what Shirkey referred to in his comments to members of the Hillsdale County GOP. In that video, Shirkey says the riot was a ‘hoax’  that was not perpetrated by supporters of President Trump.

Also in his interview on WKHM-FM, Shirkey repeated a common, easily debunked right-wing conspiracy theory that dead people voted in Michigan.