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President Biden to restore manufacturing job losses

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A group representing U.S. manufacturers says President Biden is creating a framework to restore factory jobs lost in Michigan and across the country during the pandemic.

The manufacturing sector grew during the first two years of the Trump Administration, at roughly the same pace as it did during the Obama Administration. 

The growth slowed thereafter, then reversed when the pandemic hit, with the U.S. losing more than half-a-million manufacturing jobs. 

But the head of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, Scott Paul, says President Biden’s issued an executive order that requires the federal government to buy more products made in the U.S., and close loopholes in procurement that former President Trump never erased.

“In Trump’s case, the rhetoric was far greater than any changes he ever made in the laws or in the regulation.” 

Paul adds that the new executive order also offers Biden a chance to bridge political divides, because both Democrat and Republican officials say they want to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing base.