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High school athletes plead with lawmakers for winter sports

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High school student athletes pleaded with state lawmakers today [THURS] to “let them play’ winter sports now.

Wrestling, basketball and cheer won't restart for another three weeks.

“What’s the point of even going to school anymore if I can’t play my sport that I love?”

17 year old Nataliegh Badgero loves basketball and wants to play for her school in Holland.  But right now she can't.

Stacy Johnson is the superintendent of Britton-Deerfield Schools.  She's also a covid survivor.

She says high school athletes can be trusted to follow coronavirus protocols...

“We will keep these kids safe and we will take all measures necessary to continue the fight against covid 19 but it’s time to move forward,” said Johnson

A spokeswoman says Governor Whitmer is talking to public health experts on the safest steps forward.