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Whitmer urges patience after COVID-19 vaccine delays


The rollout of vaccines in Michigan has been hampered by supply issues. The Trump Administration had initially promised 300-thousand shots per week, but the state is receiving only 60-thousand doses per week.

The new Biden Administration has invoked the Defense Production Act in an attempt to ramp up supply and improve distribution.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer urges everyone to be patient.

“We will get to everyone that is my, my solemn vow is that everyone who wants a vaccine is going to get one," said Whitmer. "It's just going to take us, depending on how quickly we get those vaccines to the state, that that's what's going to determine how quickly we're going to be able to get to everyone.”

Michigan has been reliant on inoculations from Pfizer and Moderna, but Whitmer says the number of doses will increase dramatically once vaccines from other drug companies become available.