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Certification of Michigan's electoral votes faces no objection

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Following the insurrection at the US Capitol – the political will of Republicans to obstruct the Electoral College count largely evaporated. The acceptance of Michigan’s election went somewhat smoothly.

Michigan’s elections were conducted freely and without widespread fraud.  Joe Biden won the state by more than 154-thousand votes. The formal, and usually uneventful process of counting the Electoral College votes was interrupted by Pro-Trump extremists storming the Capitol.  When session resumed hours later it seemed much of the political fire had been left to smolder. Still new Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green spoke up.

“I, along with 70 of my Republican colleagues object to the counting of electoral votes for the state of Michigan, on the grounds that the error rate precedes the FEC rate allowed at point 000 8% and that the people who signed affidavits are at risk of perjury," said Green. "Their voices have not been heard in a court of law.” This is an easily disprovable conspiracy about voting machines.

That’s because ALL of the Michigan court cases have been thrown out. No Senator supported the objection and just like that Michigan’s electoral college votes counted.