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Clean Energy Sector Jobs Not Returning Quickly from COVID-19

WCMU Photographer Xavier Mendoza

Michigan is struggling to bring back clean energy jobs. The sector has lost more than 22-thousand jobs since the pandemic began.

The latest numbers from November show Michigan regained 215 clean energy jobs.

Greg Wetstone is C.E.O. of the American Council on Renewable Energy. He says the entire sector across the country has taken a hit because of the pandemic.

“Well, what's what's been happening nationally is reflected in Michigan and maybe, unfortunately, maybe even a little worse, Michigan has regained like less than less than one percent of the clean energy jobs lost to the COVID-19.”

About 17-percent of the clean energy workforce in Michigan is still unemployed. Home energy efficiency makes up much of the job loss. People are hesitant to have workers in their house because of the risk of COVID-19.