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Michigan officials warn against potential Medicare scams

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With the end of Medicare open enrollment approaching, Michigan officials are warning seniors to protect themselves from potential scams.


The deadline for seniors to change their Medicare plans or their prescription drug plan is this Monday.

Anita Fox is the Director of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. She says right now scammers are upping their game when it comes to targeting seniors.

“Seniors are getting phone calls saying you know, we need your personal information, you need to sign up for our plan right now," said Fox. "If you don't sign up, you'll lose your Medicare, which none of which are true.”

She says seniors are a particularly vulnerable group during the pandemic, because of the increased communication taking place over the phone between agencies and customers.

Regardless of whether the caller knows your name, Fox says no reputable company is going to reach out over the phone and ask for your personal information.