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Court makes it easier for brothers charged with threatening Governor Whitmer to post bond

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A Grand Traverse County judge has set new bond conditions for two men accused in the alleged terrorist plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Twin brothers Michael and William Null are locked up at the Grand Traverse County jail on $250,000 bonds, each.
Their attorneys say that amount should be lower because they have ties to their communities and because being in jail during a pandemic is hindering their defense.
At a bond hearing Wednesday afternoon an Assistant Attorney General Sunita said her office is opposed because the Nulls are extremely dangerous.
“They were clearly motivated to commit political violence. And they were at the table early with multi-state meetings with militias.”
Doddamani says the Nulls were armed during the surveillance and had an arsenal of firearms at home.
The judge said he had concerns about the safety of government workers.
Still, he allowed for a condition that would let the Nulls put up $2,500 in cash with assurances for the rest of their bond.