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Detroit Mayor Mike Douggan comments on COVID-19 cases in Detroit

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Detroit’s mayor says both Michigan and the nation as a whole face significant hurdles in providing vaccinations for Covid-19 once they become available.

The rate of coronavirus infections is surging across the country.
But Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says residents in the city have helped keep cases of Covid-19 in check far more than those in suburban areas, in part because he says Detroiters make it a point to wear masks. Yet Duggan said on the CBS show “Face the Nation” that taking the next step and vaccinating people against the virus will be a lengthy process.

“Vaccinate five thousand a day, you’re still talking three or four months. And that’s the same challenge everybody in the country’s got.”
Duggan says the city will use the TCF Center and parking structures outside downtown sports stadiums as sites to administer the vaccine to help shelter residents from the cold.
He the vaccine will initially go to first-responders and then people 65 and older who are especially at risk from the virus.