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Airports see fewer passengers for Thanksgiving week

Courtesy: Fly Lansing

Passenger traffic at Lansing’s airport is picking up this holiday week, but with the ongoing pandemic, it’s lower than a normal year.

Capital Region International Airport marketing manager Spencer Flynn says national figures are up this Thanksgiving week but are only about half of the numbers compared to last year.
Flynn says Lansing has seen a lot of college students heading home, but fewer families than usual for Thanksgiving.

“You know, there’s been a few families, smaller families, but we haven’t seen that big mom, dad and the three little ones coming through to travel for Thanksgiving. That’s the one group that we haven’t seen nearly as much this year.”

Another change Flynn has noticed is that people working from home haven’t waited until the day before Thanksgiving to travel. There was an uptick in numbers over the past weekend, possibly because it isn’t necessary to use vacation time when you can work remotely.