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Michigan restaurants challenge new lockdown restrictions

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Michigan’s new COVID-19 order shuttering indoor service in bars and restaurants for three weeks is now being challenged in federal court.

The new rules were announced Sunday.  The order will allow take-out delivery and outdoor dining only starting tomorrow [Wednesday].

The rules are intended to blunt a spike in COVID-19 cases in Michigan.

The restaurant industry is asking a federal court for an emergency preliminary injunction to allow on-premise indoor food and beverage consumption.

Justin Winslow is the CEO of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association.

“It’s confusing to us that you can still go out and get tattoo, but you can’t get a taco," said Winslow. "You can get out and make sure you get that mani and that pedi... but you certainty can’t go out for sushi afterwards.”

A Michigan Attorney General’s office spokesman says they are reviewing the lawsuit and will respond in court.