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Michigan seeing dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases

"Detroit Renaissance Center" by James Marvin Phelps is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Michigan is seeing a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases, Detroit city officials are preparing to go above and beyond the state’s epidemic order.

Detroit’s infection rate is half that of Oakland and Macomb Counites and Mayor Mike Duggan is blunt about who he blames for the new restrictions.

“City of Detroit businesses are being shutdown now because of irresponsible behavior in the surrounding communities.”

The three-week shutdown will once again close the city’s casinos, further jeopardizing tax revenues Detroit receives for its budget. City public health director Denise Fair is calling on residents to report businesses that violate the new restrictions.

“If you see something, please say something.”

Fair says the health department will perform surprise inspections at schools and businesses to ensure safety protocols are being followed. Violators could face fines.