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Two Canton residents accused of voter fraud

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Two people in Canton have been accused of attempted voter fraud during the general election. 

Canton Clerk Michael Siegirst says he reported two instances of attempted voter fraud to the Michigan Attorney General’s office.    

Siegrist says in one instance a father allegedly filled out and signed a ballot for his daughter who lives out of state. In the other case, a husband allegedly filled out and signed a ballot for his wife who lives in a nursing home.   

Siegrist wants to make it clear that voter fraud did not occur.   

“Neither of the ballots were tabulated or counted on Election Day, because we were able to catch both instances before there was an issue,” said Siegrist.  

Siegrist says the fact that these attempts were caught is proof that the system works. He says both individuals whose ballots were intercepted,ultimately were able to successfully vote in the election. He says at least one of the accused ended up spending time in a police holding facility in Canton.