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Invasive Plant, Mile-a-minute weed, spotted in Albion, MI.


It’s no murder hornet, but state officials are concerned about a fast-growing invasive plant that recently turned up in Albion.

Mile-a-minute weed. It’s a hyperbolic name, but the plant can grow as much as a foot in just two days. The invasive vine has plagued eastern states for years. Now it’s been found at an Albion College nature preserve. Susannah Iott is with the state’s agriculture department. She says the weed has barbs, grows into thickets and smothers other plants including trees.

“Which is why it’s a concern for nurseries and Christmas tree farms and orchards and disturbed open areas.”

Iott says she’s hopeful the patch in Albion can be wiped out. She adds the state is trying to figure out if mile-a-minute weed is growing elsewhere in Michigan.