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Protesters gather to call for accurate counting of every ballot

Ballot boxes from the 2008 London elections by secretlondon123 is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Protesters gathered at the Michigan State Capitol Wednesday calling for a complete and accurate count of every ballot.

Nearly two hundred people rallied at the capitol building in Lansing demanding all votes be counted in the presidential election.

Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump’s campaign announced a lawsuit calling for a halt to ballot counting in the state. 

Tina Pyzik traveled from Kalmazoo to attend the rally.

She says she wants every vote to be counted and will not stand for a hijacking of the Democratic process.  

“Mr. Trump feels he’s above it all and uses the government to his advantage to twist what the presidency is all about,” said Pyzik. 

The rally was organized by We Make Michigan, a coalition made up of grassroots community groups, faith leaders and labor unions.