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Haley Stevens wins second term


Rochester Hills Democrat Haley Stevens has won a second term in the US House.

Stevens’ Republican challenger says he is not giving up on the race yet.

Stevens was part of a Democratic wave two years ago that swept over House seats long held by Republicans.

She touted her blend of Michigan roots and Washington savvy…noting she’d served as the de facto chief of staff for President Obama’s task force on bailing out the US auto industry.

But this time, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the race in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District centered on health care.

Republican challenger Eric Esshaki, a former nurse, claimed Stevens’ policies could lead to a medical system run by the government.

Stevens countered that Esshaki would not guarantee health coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Esshaki says in a statement that he is not conceding arguing that the race was close and he wants “all the legal votes to be counted and verified for accuracy.”