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Political Campaigning in Michigan

"Man putting his vote in the ballot box for Presidental Election 2020" by wuestenigel is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The major party presidential campaigns continue a barrage of get-out-the vote efforts in Michigan this week, sending some of their highest-profile surrogates to the state.

The nominees themselves campaigned in the state in just the past few days.

President Trump held a rally at a private airport in Muskegon on Saturday, while Democratic rival Joe Biden was in Southfield and at a drive-in event in Detroit on Friday.

Now the candidates are sending some of their closest confidantes to Michigan.

Ivanka Trump is in the suburbs of Grand Rapids Monday, with her brother Eric Trump visiting businesses tomorrow in Lansing and near Ann Arbor.

That same day Doctor Jill Biden, the wife of the former vice president, will also campaign in the state.