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Michigan congresswomen criticize unsafe Amazon conditions

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Working conditions at an Amazon fulfillment center in Romulus are being criticized by a pair of Congresswomen after they visited the site last week.

Debbie Dingell and Rashida Tlaib were on-site to check up on sanitation efforts needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Tlaib says Amazon officials made her and Dingell wait outside for 90 minutes and then called the police on them.

“But the fact that they would go that far, Amazon would go that far to intimidate us into push back against us," said Tlaib. "I wonder what they would do to our residents, our worker, the workers that are in their facilities and wonder what happens to them.”

Once inside, Tlaib says it was obvious workers weren’t able to use sanitation stations, because they weren’t given the proper amount of time during their shifts.

The Congresswoman says she was also concerned Amazon employees were forced to work sick… for fear of losing their job.