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Former Grand Traverse County Jail administrator facing charges


A former Grand Traverse County Jail administrator was briefly in court today. (Thursday)

Todd Ritter faces four felonies over allegedly having sexual relationships with female inmates.

Ritter may not go on trial for a while.

In a hearing Thursday his attorney Shawn Worden said they need more time to look over thousands of pages of discovery they just got this week.

“Realistically it’s gonna take us about three weeks to get through that and be prepared, and there might be some motion work that needs to be filed in the interim,” said Worden.

Worden also said as Ritter worked for the county for years they’re still going over potential “conflicts of interest” he could run into as a defendant.

A rep from the AG’s office said they’re fine with taking more time to go over the case.

The judge said another hearing will be scheduled for three-to-four weeks out.