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MI support for Restaurant Act in Congress


As our current global health crisis continues, Michigan independent restaurant owners, workers and chefs are looking to Congress to help keep them afloat. 

About ten percent of Michigan’s workforce is in the restaurant industry which is worth around 18-billion dollars to Michigan’s economy. Since the pandemic began a new group was formed called “the Independent Restaurant Coalition.” Ann Arbor Zingerman’s co-owner Ari Weinzweig is a member and is working to get congress to pass a bill that would support struggling restaurants, called “the Restaurant act”.

"The bill would essentially provide support for independent restaurants to get through this period which is going to be challenging," said Weinzweig.

He says just like the federal government has taken action to support the auto industry, airlines and banks. Independent restaurants now need some financial support due to COVID 19 or many more restaurants will be forced to close in the coming months.