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Kent County schools to receives CARES Act funding

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The Kent County Board of Commissioners is releasing federal CARES Act dollars to Kent County schools for the purchase of safety supplies related to the coronavirus.

Kent County’s Public, Charter and Private Schools will receive $2 million dollars that can be used for offsetting the cost of implementing safety measures related to COVID-19.

The “Get Back to School” assistance funding was unanimously approved by a 7-0 vote by the Kent County Board of Commissioners. The $2 million is a portion of the $115 million received through the federal government’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act which is also known as the CARES Act.

Currently, the state is in Phase 4 of the MI Safe Start plan allowing schools to provide in-person instruction with required safety protocols. Some school districts are making plans for virtual learning, others a hybrid of virtual and in-person instruction.

Schools can use their portion of the $2 million for providing services and purchasing supplies necessary for protecting students, teachers and staff. The funding equates to roughly $16 per student.

In a news release, Kent ISD Superintendent Ron Caniff said, “We appreciate the support of the Kent County Board of Commissioners. This approval will help schools secure the needed resources and services to meet the needs of students during this pandemic.”