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EMU to delay move in and in-person classes

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A few days before students were to begin moving on to the Eastern Michigan campus and classes were scheduled to begin, EMU president Dr. James Smith announced some changes. Student move in will be delayed 3 weeks and the majority of in person classes will take place online for that same time period.

President Smith said they consulted with medical professionals and watched what is happening at other universities around the country leading up to the decision. He said Labor day was also a big factor in deciding to delay.

"We want to see is there is a big spike at Labor Day," said Smith. "If there is, is it contained to certain parts of the state, is it maybe not in our state but in other states? And how do we adjust our testing protocol based on that?"

EMU students already living on campus or on their way traveling from across the country or outside of the country will be accommodated according to Smith. Students who already paid for a dining plan and are not using it, will see a credit on their bill.