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Anti-brutality protests continue in Detroit

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Detroit Police arrested more than forty protesters over the weekend. The night marked a return to clashes with police as anti-brutality demonstrations pass 90 days.

Physical clashes between protesters and officers have waned since the police killing of Hakim Littleton last month. But that changed when about 150 marchers took to Woodward Avenue on Saturday. They were met by police in riot gear who broke up the crowd shortly after midnight. Officers rushed the group with shields and batons using tear gas to disperse the marchers and make arrests. Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the protesters resisted calls to leave on their own.

“Occupying space and blocking the streets in our city will not be tolerated,” said Craig.

“Detroit Will Breathe” organized Saturday’s protest to call for the removal of federal agents and the end “Operation Legend” an anti-violent crime program launched by the Justice Department.