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Police involved in deadly shooting in Detroit

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There was another officer involved shooting on Detroit’s west side last night (THU). This marks the third killing by Detroit Police this month.

Police Chief James Craig says officers were out on a different call when they saw a man swinging a sword in an intersection near Meyers and Grand River. The cops initiated a confrontation and Craig says the man charged at the officers. A taser proved to be ineffective and after the man threw a dagger that injured an officer a single shot was fired killing the man. 

When asked why there’s been an uptick in violence and officer involved shootings lately Chief Craig struck a familiar refrain.

“It could be any number of reasons but it could be the anti police rhetoric this permeate our country," said Craig. "The fact that there's bail reform and some individual being released, and frankly suspects feel emboldened.”

This latest incident will likely do little to quell anti-police brutality protests in the city.