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Congress pressed for detailed COVID-19 relief plans

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The Michigan League for Public Policy is calling on Congress for a more comprehensive COVID-19 financial relief plan.

Not only are 22% of Michigan residents behind on rent, but from April to June, Michigan had the third highest average unemployment rate in the country. Gilda Jacobs, the President and CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy says the COVID-19 relief plan proposed by Senate Republicans is simply not enough.

“I understand that the CARES package that there already was a stimulus, that there already was money that was put into the economy but now is not the time to stop," said Jacobs. "This is a time where people are hurting. It is no fault of their own and they are just trying to get by every single day.”

The Senate proposal would extend the enhanced unemployment benefits, but it would cut the weekly payment from $600 to $200 until states implement a system that replaces 70% of laid-off workers wages. Additionally, the proposed bill would provide $70 billion to K-12 schools, distributing one-third to all districts and two-thirds to schools reopening for in-person instruction. Also, the proposal would end eviction protections for those who are behind on rent.

“The federal government has to further, longer until there is some real relief ahead both in the economy and with the help of our residents,” says Jacobs.

The Michigan League of Public Policy is advocating for expanded unemployment insurance, additional funding for the supplemental nutrition assistance programs, and a temporary increase in the share of federal matching funds for Medicaid.