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Man arrested after pulling a knife on a Meijer employee

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Authorities have arrested a man who they say pulled a knife on a Meijer employee in northern Michigan after she asked him to wear a mask.

If convicted he could go to prison for up to three years.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon when the man wanted to shop for groceries at the Meijer in Acme Township without wearing a mask.

One employee wouldn’t let him says Grand Traverse County Detective Captain Randy Fewless.

“When asked if he would please put on a mask he refused to, citing his fourth amendment rights,” said Fewless.

When asked again, Fewless says the man pulled out a black folding knife.

The man continued shopping and left the store.

Meijer’s Corporate Security helped law enforcement make the arrest.

Fewless says the office hasn’t received similar complaints yet.

He says they will arrest people for trespassing if they refuse to wear a mask in a store.