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Michigan Lt. Gov says state is working on combating racial disparities in COVID-19 cases

Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II

As chair of the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force On Racial Disparities, Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist says they've already met once and plan to meet again this week to come up with quick solutions for the problem of more African Americans dying from COVID-19.



Garlin Gilchrist says there is an urgency to "act now" to look into the problem and find solutions to helping Michigan's more vulnerable residents.


He says this will not be your ordinary, drawn-out task force process... saying they are working in "real time" to get changes made as quickly as possible because people are dying every single day.

The lieutenant governor, who says he personally knows 15 people who have died from the virus and has extended family members currently being treated for the disease, says all ideas are on the table and all hands will be on deck working on solutions to find out why the rate of COVID-19 is hitting African Americans at such a higher rate.