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Ring of Fire may bring thunderstorms to mid and northern Michigan

David Broberg|

A weather pattern known as the “Ring of Fire” is hitting the central U.S. may bring thunderstorms to Michigan the first week of July. 


Forecasters said the ring of fire normally refers to an increase in heat and humidity across the U.S. central and southern plains. They say the ring of fire creates a hot dome of air. 


Gaylord’s National Weather Service Meteorologist, Brian Adams,said thunderstorms and rain showers start to develop along the northern edge of the ring.


“Usually they develop somewhere in the Dakotas and Minnesota, then they track eastward or southeastward down into the Great Lakes. As a matter of fact it is some of those patterns that have brought some of our bigger and severe weather events to northern and central Michigan over the years.”


Adams said the thunderstorms caused by the ring of fire are typical during the summer. He said mid and northern Michigan may see more storms soon.