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Consumers Energy gets extension on resource plan


Consumers Energy is moving ahead with plan to shutdown a Bay City coal-firing plant. This week the utility was given more time to file information on its renewable energy plans.


Under Michigan energy laws, Consumers Energy had to create a resource plan for how it would sell electricity to its customers.


Nick Assendelft is with the Michigan Public Service Commission, the group that approves the plan. He said the resource plan looks at how utilities will serve customers as electricity needs change.


“Here is all the ways we are going to produce electricity or buy electricity. Here is all the ways we are going to get it to our customers. And here is all the ways we can try to save energy or try to work with our customers to save energy.”


Consumers Energy submitted a plan in June, one of the key parts was retiring the Karn coal-fired power plant in Bay City. Consumers’ plans to replace the plant with solar and wind farms by 2023


In the meantime, Consumer’s resource plan is expected to be approved June 10th.


In the interest of transparency, we note that Consumers Energy is a financial supporter of this station.