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Beach Walkers win after Supreme Court denies case

Theophilos Papadopoulos|

Beach walkers won the right to Michigan shorelines after the U.S. Supreme Court choose not to hear an appeals case on Tuesday.


The appeal claimed property owners rights extended to the Lake. This claim would have cut off the public’s access to the beach.

The State Supreme Court decision is now final. The ruling says that the public is allowed to walk Lake Michigan’s beaches as long as they stay below the high water line mark.


Katie Parrish is with the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. She said the decision is a win for the Great Lakes State.


“This is great news. The court's decision is a big step in ensuring people can enjoy and access our great lakes. As Michiganders, as you know, our great lakes shape our identity and our economy. And our Great Lakes should be held in public trust for the benefit of all residents.”


Parrish said the ruling is a benefit to Michigan’s economy. She said the Great Lakes are a driver in the tourism industry that brings around $26 billion into the state.