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What is legal competency?

It’s been a month since CMU student James Davis was found incompetent to stand trial in the shooting deaths of his parents.

In a couple months, the court will get its first report on how Davis is doing in the psychiatric facility where he’s being treated.

The 19 year old shooter has been given 15 months at a forensics center to gain competency. In the meantime, the facility will provide the court with status updates every 90-days.

If James Davis re-gains competency, he can be charged with murdering his parents.

Bill Vailliencourt is the prosecuting attorney for Livingston County.

“For a life offense the prosecutor always has the ability after the 15 month period to refile criminal charges in those circumstances.”

Vailliencourt said Davis’ competency will likely be reassessed after six months, If he is still ruled incompetent to stand trial, he will return to the forensic center for the remaining months of his treatment.