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New Navy ship, USS Little Rock, stalled by ice

Angelica A. Morrison
USS Little Rock in Buffalo

Icy conditions have delayed departure plans for the USS Little Rock, which was commissioned in Buffalo in December. The ship headed across the eastern-most Great Lakes, and began a journey to a Navy base near Jacksonville, Fla.


But now, it's stuck along the St. Lawrence River, which leads from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic. It's docked at a port in Montreal, and Navy officials say ice is to blame.

Navy spokesperson Courtney Hillson says they've had ships travel during the winter season before. But, this time around, they did not expect the harsh weather conditions, including an ice-clogged river.
"Keeping the ship in Montreal until waterways are clear ensures the safety of the ship and crew," she said.
No specific date has been set for the Little Rock to head out to sea.  But, Hillson says, historically the St. Lawrence River starts to thaw and become navigational around mid-march.