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Michigan restaurant and hotel industries facing younger staff not being vaccined against COVID-19

Courtesy of Business World

Michigan's restaurant and hotel industries are being crunched by a surge in demand and staffing shortages.

Now, they're battling a third issue: low vaccination rates.

Workers in these industries tend to skew younger, and only about 37% of Michiganders in their late teens, and their twenties have gotten at least one COVID shot and obviously employers want to avoid outbreaks among their staff.

So they're holding these vaccine clinics around the state and offering incentives, like $50 gift cards and Deals on draft beers and shots as incentives.

Justin Winslow is the president and CEO of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association.

“We are pulling the reticent of the reticent at this point. But it has proven to be effective and successful. Frankly, we started at $25 and have gone to $50 and we've seen it that's actually been helpful.”

So far, about three hundred folks have gotten shots at these clinics with another one scheduled for Tuesday in Kalamazoo.