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State employees work-from-home plan extended

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State workers who can do their jobs remotely are being told to stay home longer while Michigan gets the spread of COVID-19 under control, but they were supposed to head back to their offices May 1st.

Now, about half of the state’s 48-thousand-person workforce is being told to plan on working from home until at least mid-July. That’s the latest from the Office of the State Employer.

Spokesman Kurt Weiss says that order could also be extended depending on progress in fighting the spread of COVID.

“It’s obviously safer to stay at home as long as you can until we get these vaccines rolled out, until we see these numbers move in the right direction.”

The instruction does not apply to public safety personnel such as state troopers, and corrections officers and others who can’t do their jobs remotely. People who do head into the office are expected to comply with masking and other safety rules.